These are the most frequently asked questions about MarkerScan.
General questions
Questions about the app
Questions about the markers
Technical questions

General questions

What is MarkerScan?

MarkerScan is THE product designed to measure 3D models by taking photographs of markers. The MarkerScan-app recognizes those markers which have been placed down beforehand and calculates their special relations. Using this information, a very accurate 3D-model can be calculated. It is possible to send this model to the user in different formats, so that users can open the model in their own CAD-environment.

What do I need in order to use MarkerScan?

To be able to use MarkerScan, you will only need the MarkerScan-app and a set of markers.

What can I use MarkerScan for?

MarkerScan can be used for measuring all sorts of objects and locations/rooms. It is very suitable for measuring in a situation where length, width and depth play a major role. A few examples could be for measuring pipes and walls in order to install a new kitchen, or for measuring walls, electrical outlets, doorsteps or windowsills with the aim of installing or creating new furniture.

Who uses MarkerScan?

MarkerScan is being used by companies who produce their products by using machines. They use MarkerScan’s measurements in order to create their own custom products. For example, MarkerScan is used to measure stairs and decks of ships.

On what scale can MarkerScan be used?

Because the distance between the markers cannot be too great (as a consequence of the desired overlap between the photographs), MarkerScan is, when using the standard set of markers, not suitable for measuring big locations/rooms. However, problems in measurements that exist on only a few square meters can be easily fixed by the programme. Sizable measurements can be performed with bigger sets of markers and/or in collaboration with other measurements, such as laser-measurements. Please contact us to discuss further possibilities.

What are the advantages of MarkerScan?

MarkerScan is a well-designed and cheap programme, which is easy to use and accurate enough for most measurements. Companies are able to use MarkerScan to standardize their measurements.

What are the advantages of the professional set of markers?

The professional set of markers is printed very precisely onto PVC. This will cause the set to be useful for a longer time and to measure more accurately.

Questions about the app

On what mobile devices does MarkerScan work?

The MarkerScan-app is designed to be fully functional on any mobile device on which either Android or iOS has been installed.

Which Android- or iOS-update should be installed in order to use MarkerScan?

To use MarkerScan, your device should have at least version 2.3 for Android. For iOS, this is version 8.1.

The measurements will be sent in which file formats?

The model will be sent in four different formats: DXF, PLY, XYZ and XLS.

How many photographs have to be taken in order to achieve a successful measurement?

This depends on the size of the area that is being measured. Make sure to photograph the markers from different positions, distances and angles. Also, assure to photograph more markers at a time, spread over the image. Every marker has to be taken a picture of at least five times, including the start marker.

What do I have to do if my model is still incomplete?

If your model is incomplete, a couple of warnings will likely pop up on your screen. If you press the warning-button (in the downright corner on the 3D-display), the problem that occurred will be shown. A probable cause could be that some of the photographs were not used, due to the fuzziness in the picture. Another source could be the lack of a certain marker in the pictures, the marker was not photographed the right amount of times. You can always return to the camera-menu to take some extra photographs.

How much does a measurement cost?

One measurements costs 1 credit. When downloading the app, the user will receive an amount of 100 credits for free. More credits can be easily purchased in the app if necessary. 3 credits cost 99 eurocents.

Questions about the markers

What does a set of markers consist of?

One set of markers contains a start marker and 92 arrow-like shaped markers.

Where do I have to place the start marker?

The start marker should be placed on a flat surface. Make sure to place the start marker in the center of the area you would like to measure.

In what position do I need to place the arrow-like shaped markers?

Place the arrow-like shaped markers against/along the points/edges you would like to measure. The distance between two markers can be a maximum of one meter.

Technical questions

How does MarkerScan operate?

MarkerScan uses a technique known as ‘close-range photogrammetry’. For further technical explanations, please go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photogrammetry.

How accurate are the measurements?

The accuracy of the results is dependent on a lot of different factors, including the resolution of the camera, the quality of the lens, the accuracy of the markers (see MarkerSets), the positions and angles in which the photographs have been taken, the number of markers and their positions in the different photographs, the number of pictures taken, etc. Our experiences have taught us that we can expect an accuracy of less than 1 mm per meter if we use the right mobile devices (tablets as well as smartphones) and if we follow the constructions carefully and accurately.